The missing peace to your self development journey


What is "I Love You, Me"?

“I Love You, Me” is a radical self-love movement supported by a profoundly simple methodology, designed to bring you back to your true self and purpose in life.

Through our transformational seven-step practice, you will find your way back to the unconditional love that has always been available to you.

From this loving conversation with yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can create for your life and the lives of those around you.

What the world needs now is more compassion, kindness and LOVE. Love is power, it’s as vital to human survival as the oxygen we breathe.

Love is the transformation you’ve been looking for. And it starts from within.

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Is "I Love You, Me" right for me?

The world is in a state of grief. We have become disconnected with who we truly are. Our relationships are suffering, our sense of self is fractured, and we have forgotten how to love, deeply and with our full hearts. 

This is your call back to love. 

We support you in this journey through a range of courses, 121 support from “I Love You, Me” self-love coaches, and guided self-love journeys.

Breathe & Receive Meditation

Reconnect with who you are. This “Breathe and Receive” free meditation practice will help you understand who you really are, free from external pressures and conditioning, bringing instant connection and inner-peace.

"I Love You, Me" Book

Change the way you perceive your life by creating a richer relationship with yourself in 7 simple transformational steps to self love through this self-led practice. Meditation included.

The Self Love Club

You CAN sit here. Gain weekly access to valuable self-love content exercises and tasks, guided healing meditations and a community focused on supporting you to build a committed, loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself and your life.

"I Love You, Me" Video E-course

Learn the seven steps to self-love and personal fulfilment and uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from full self-expression and expansion. Workbook and meditation included.


Become a Self Love Coach

Turn your self love journey into your vocation and be the self love expert in your community when you become an "I Love You, Me" practitioner.

Find a Self Love Coach

Get one-to-one guidance and support from a certified "I Love You, Me" coach.

Meet Tara

Tara Love Perry is the UK’s leading Self-Love Teacher and is a pioneer in her field, leading the way for a global shift in consciousness that starts with self-love.

Raised in a spiritual community with an enlightened Guru, Tara was born into spirituality, love and service and is a naturally gifted intuitive energy worker and healer.

Tara is the author of the acclaimed book “I Love You, Me” – 7 Steps to Transformational Self Love”, and is an international speaker. She’s the creator of the “I Love You, Me” method and the founder of the Live in Light Academy.

Tara aspires to touch as many people as possible and show them who they truly are so they may transform their own lives and bring more love into the world.