In This Life Changing Book

Learn how to master your life and change your world by mastering your relationship with yourself in 7 simple transformational steps to self love

The 7 Steps To Transformational Love

The Single most propelling force that drives us forward in life is not money, power, sex or greed but the need for love. What If You Loved Yourself Exactly The Way You Longed To Be Loved? What Would Your Life Be Like? The 7 steps of transformational self-love will be very different to anything you have experienced up until now, even if the idea isn’t new to you. Are you ready to be lead in the dance of deep, absolute, empowering Self-Love; The kind of Self-Love that will revolutionise your life, be a game-changer in your relationships with others, and evolve your consciousness to the next level, simultaneously?

Your Relationship with Pain

So often in our culture we are conditioned to ‘solider on’, to ‘suck it up’ and ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ with no space allowed for feeling anything ‘negative’. The Problem Doesn’t Work. Just look around to see how many sick, stressed and lonely people there are in the world; there’s so much suffering. It’s an epidemic that can no longer be ignored. Imagine your inner self is like a small child, screaming out to be heard. If you shove the child in a cupboard under the stairs and lock the door it won’t solve the problem. In fact the child will scream all the more! And it would be very cruel. You wouldn’t do this to a child, so why would you do it to yourself? You Deserve Even the “dark” unloveable parts of you, that really aren’t dark or unloveable at all. This book will show you how. You will be amazed at the depth and richness your inner children bring to your life when you love and accept the “little you”. 

Who will love us enough to set us free so that we can live the life we wish for and be the person we long to be?

Reveal Your Inner Gold

Tara Love Perry reveals how you can love yourself so deeply that everything else in your life just works. This book is not about loving yourself in the ordinary sense of the words – It’s about learning how to love and heal yourself so completely that it changes your whole life, transforms your relationships with those around you and invites in unlimited abundance and flow.  

This is an invitation to go within, to find your wounded inner child and take her by the hand. It’s a chance to heal the ‘muck’ that has been buried in your mind, heart and soul and transform it into love. Tara says “Often we try to ‘pave over’ the parts of ourselves that we consider ‘bad’ or unacceptable and move on. However they don’t go away. They are simply festering away underneath, creating havoc in our lives and illness in our bodies. The truth is those parts are not bad at all, they are simply crying out for love and healing.”

You are perfect. You are precious gold.
But we need to learn the art of self-love that transforms what appears to be lead
​back to gold.​