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Mary Catherine Mcnena

Graduate ILYM Coach, Paris

After suffering from debilitating health, Mary-Catherine went on a quest to heal herself that eventually lead to ‘I Love You, Me’ – discovering and learning what self-care and self-love is at its core. Mary-Catherine’s mission is to spread LOVE frequency by using this facilitation method. Mary-Catherine discovered that ‘I Love you, Me’ brings us all to our core, right into our hidden depths and shines the light of love and forgiveness on it to heal and bring us back into wholeness.

George Prow

Graduate ILYM Coach, London

George is passionate about helping individuals to connect clearly with their truth and authentic well-being. Using the amazing practical and powerful tools of ‘I love you, me’, George feels we can experience what it actually looks and feels like to effectively apply self-love as a human being and for people to fulfil a truly magical human life. George also feels it is important, as a man, to hold space sensitively, intuitively and share the reality of self-love in unconditional loving energy.

Yasmine Atallah

Graduate ILYM Coach, Dubai/UAE/Lebanon

During her successful banking journey, which lasted over 10 years, she discovered a deeper and fulfilling passion to pursue certifications in the field of self-discovery and self-development. These certifications enabled her to acquire the best tools/modalities which could empower, inspire and help people reintegrate in order to lead an even more fulfilling life; the life they would desire.

Little did she know that this journey had in fact led her in transforming her own life; tapping into her inner child and the Love within. She then became even more dedicated to pursuing her journey in coaching and believing in its prophecy.

Michelle fernandes

Graduate ILYM Coach, London/India

I was healed by the I Love You Me method from 34yrs of asthma and I believe that if it is possible for me, then it is possible for clients as well. If nothing else, at least you will leave with a better understanding of the root cause of the disfunction and the various ways it affects you so that you can shift its energy. My niche area happens to be around harmonizing the disharmony that arose due to abuse/rape/childhood trauma/childhood emotional neglect, bodily ailments and depression. Essentially anything which leaves a person experiencing soul loss and loss of personal power.

Lianne Price​

Graduate ILYM Coach, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Growing up, or even in my 20s, I was never confident in expressing or asserting myself. However, I did have a passion for art and found ways to creatively express myself visually. This led me to study Fine Art at University and to become an Art Teacher. Having had my own challenges during my formative years and adolescence, I have always been able to identify with the difficulties many young people face and how this impact upon choices, relationships and health in later life. My experiences within the classroom have really opened my eyes to the vast lack of self-love so many people experience, even from a young age.

As a result of this and my own transformation through using the I love You, Me method, I feel blessed to be able to support the empowerment of others with this beautiful method. Thus, enabling them too, to experience radical changes within their lives through deepening their connection with themselves and learning to truly love and accept themselves for all that they are. 


Graduate ILYM Coach, SURREY, UK

Paula had always struggled with low self-esteem and negative self-talk. Although going on to have a successful design career, she still struggled with a lack of self-confidence and not wanting to be seen.  As a people pleaser, she lacked boundaries and found it a constant struggle around speaking her truth.

After 25 years of trying, Paula thought she would never be able to come to a place of true self-love and acceptance. Following a deep transformational journey with the ILYM process, Paula has finally been able to overcome her struggles, with the awareness of meeting and acknowledging the root cause, her traumatized little Me’s.

Paula is now passionate about helping others with their own self-empowerment, by overcoming self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs and getting to the root of their pain and trauma. With ILYM you will meet yourself, like never before with the most profound results.


Graduate ILYM Coach, Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve been on my own personal journey of self-discovery for seven years, travelling around the world, searching for happiness and the answer to who I am and what’s my life purpose.  I started soaking spiritual teachings and wisdom of some exceptional teachers, one of them was Tara who I met in 2016 and I was completely blown away by the results of the “I Love You Me Method” .

Sometimes things have to get very bad before they get better. My 2020 was the perfect example. I suffered from depression and felt completely stuck in life. In the moment of death, I found that our essence is LOVE beyond description and that’s immortal. It’s always been the unconditional Love within that I’ve been searching for. I asked the universe “How can I become the source of love while I am still alive?” The answer came with Tara’s offer to do the ILYM coaching course. Thanks to the ILYM process, I was able to overcome depression, become the source of love and light I always meant to be. And I found my life purpose: to help people empower themselves, release whatever is holding them back so they can align with their true self and live a happy life. I believe that our destiny is to rise and shine and I am blessed and honoured to help exactly with that.