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Become A Self Love Facilitator

Experience A Journey of Realisation, Healing, Empowerment, Transformation and Liberation with the Miraculous & Original “I Love You, Me” Method. Turn Pain into Love.

Healing,This training doesn’t just teach you how to love yourself unconditionally and help others, it’s also about consciousness, expanding your awareness, perceptions and extra sensory range. It’s about deep healing, releasing you from ancestral conditioning and undoing programming that limits your life. It’s about self realisation of who you are in this life, fulfilling your purpose and igniting your innate gifts. This training tunes you in, taps you into Source and lights up your path from within.

Typical Results In Working With "I Love You, Me"

ILYM Graduate George Prow enjoying inner-peace and Self Love.

Natalia and Eluna enjoying using "I Love You, Me' together at a live training

David and Michelle discovering their similarities in the training as they practise "I Love You, Me" together

  • You connect to your True Self and Creative Source of your existence, experiencing ever deepening Self-Realisation and inner peace
  • You awaken parts of yourself that have been denied, ignored or forgotten about in a gentle way. You bond with your inner child
  • You begin to uncover your unique gifts, inner genius and evolutionary edge
  • Your confidence grows naturally, along with your self-expression, willingness to own your truth, and be see
  • Your ancestral conditioning, childhood programming and self sabotaging patterning unravel, revealing the Real You. Wounds and traumas that have plagued your mind and soul dissolve, and where there once was pain, deep happiness and a feel of being loved remain
  • As you meet, acknowledge, accept, love, forgive and appreciate yourself on many different levels, you begin to experience the world as more positive, supportive, and loving
  • Your health, wealth and self worth transforms. Success opens up for you. as if your higher destiny is now available and you’re in flow
  • New opportunities seem to arise from nowhere. Your ‘Reality’ shifts. The invisible walls and ceilings that once limited you disappear
  • Your inner guidance systems ignite, noticeably amplifying your intuition, instinct, empathy and other sensitivities in a safe and empowering way. You trust yourself
  • You embrace your humanness and your divinity equally, as if they are no longer separate, distant or unknown to you. You feel whole again, and not fragmented or torn between two world or different parts of yourself
  • Your relationships with others transform; Strange ‘co-incidences’ happen where someone meaningful will contact you to apologise for instance, old wounds between you and others heal, spontaneous connections appear, and new love or friendships can occur.

Why Become A Self-Love Coach?

As an “I Love You, Me” Coach and Facilitator you become the living example that unconditional love is possible.

It takes a great deal of courage, genuine humility, dedication to the truth, and just a little bit of practice to master this art of self love. And when you do, it’s a simple adjustment in learning to facilitate others, guiding their journey, empowering them to meet all the parts within themselves that they have closed against love, and helping them to undo the damage done.

An "I Love You Me" Facilitator Can Help With:

Reduction and alleviation of stress, anxiety and depression with a breath meditation un-like any other.

Feeling seen, heard, validated and recognised in a way that they’ve been waiting for their whole lives.

Knowing what’s ‘real’ amidst the surreal or illusions in life, with no dogma, faith or religion needed.Using the tools for transformation that a child can do and yet will bring the most hardened adult to their knees in surrender to their inner enemy.

Unlocking deep anxieties, fears, and phobias and attaining true freedom that lasts.

Getting quickly to the source of addictions, destructive habits, and non-life supporting tendencies to discover the un-met need and tend to it.

Gaining the tools to forgive themselves, release pain, and enable the forgiveness of others where necessary for a new pathway and future to open up.

Understanding how the only one who can truly understand their pain is themselves; They are the love they are looking for.

Mending all kinds of strained, unhappy or broken relationships, starting with their own inner child.

Liberation from toxic people, situations, conditioning, beliefs, and behaviours.

Making transformational decisions based on self-responsibility, life-ownership, and prioritising self-fulfilment.

Healing physical pain and disease by enabling them to discover the root cause and transform it.

And much, much more…including inner peace, sense of salvation, and coming ‘Home’


Who Is The Training Suitable For?

Some people prefer to do this training purely for personal development

Often they discover that when they dare to share it with the people they love, they feel more purposeful and fulfilled
in their life. It seems to compliment everything else they do.

Some people are here to help humanity
and SELF LOVE is The Key Solution and Missing Piece that they are looking for in their professional skill set.
These people also tend to be searching to expand their personal horizons, abilities and inner genius.

Are You... A Professional Looking For More?

You lead a successful career but have lost touch with your inner self. You’re seeking a new chapter in your life to discover yourself, your gifts and a higher purpose. This training plugs you directly into your authentic self and to divinity. It is pure and dogma free.

A Spiritual Helper?

You love to help others and have an inner calling to bring more light to the world and share your unique talents. You’re already on a path but could do with developing your expertise, or but perhaps you’re looking for the best place to start. Self-love is the only place to start so that you become the change you wish to see in the world.

A Heart Centred or Holistic Therapist?

You are currently working in the wellbeing, caring, coaching or holistic sector and you have a strong connection with Personal and or Spiritual Development, and looking to increase your skills and expertise to a whole new level. This training will take your to personal mastery and become a pioneer in your sector.

Work In Social, Caring or Nursing Professions?

You work in the social sector because you want to make a ground-roots level difference in people’s lives. You may not be able to change the system, but you can certainly infiltrate it with “I Love You, Me.” Use it discretely or blatantly, and impact lives through a loving conversation that hits home and creates lasting, radical changes for the better.

Intuitively Gifted

You are naturally empathic, intuitive, or sensitive, and are looking for guidance, support, and a safe way to develop your consciousness and abilities. This training is the perfect foundation for opening, enhancing and mastering yourself.

Trainee Testimonials

I experienced soul loss due to abuse at the tender age of 3 and suffered from asthma as a result. At age34, I was going through a full-on depression and just
couldn’t shake it off for 3 long, very painful years. All this suffering, until I moved to London and came across the I Love You Me method facilitated by Tara herself in November of 2017 and what wasn’t shifting
in all those years, shifted in 3 days, at age 37. I was healed by the I Love You Me method from 34yrs of chronic and acute asthma and I believe that if it is
possible for me to heal, through a consciousness shifting process then it is possible for clients as well. It’s about harmonizing the disharmony. I never looked back. I learned the I Love You Me method and now allow others to experience the deep inner healing. When I was down on love and confidence I leaned on Tara’s temporarily, until I could find my own back again. Now that I have, I let my clients lean on mine, hold their hand and walk them through their dark frightening
inner caves. Almost like a guide who feels my way around these caves, but never in the process allowing my clients to give their power away, not even to me.
The only way out in through.

~ Michelle 

Group testimonials from:
Abi Flynn, Singer, Songwriter, Brighton, UK.
Lucie Bastlova, Raw and wild food expert, free diver, Prague.
George Prow, Musician, healer, London, UK.
Tessa , Psycotherapist, London, UK.
Eluna Norris, Painter and numerologist, Brighton, UK.

​”It’s taken me into so many places I couldn’t get to myself…Anything else you want in your life you’ll get by doing this process. It really is such a great way to achieve whatever you want to achieve.” 
~ Abi Flynn – Singer, songwriter, UK.

“Tara Love, I have just completed the online training and I love it – I had tears in my eyes towards the end as I have learned so much from the videos – even more than I was present there live during the training. Learning again made me realize certain gaps within my practice and reinforced certain other points which are working out so well. 

Thank you for being such an authentic, genuine and real teacher that you are and thank you for sharing all of this with all of us and the rest of the world. Really grateful to be part of the self love transformation journey and family,,,Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you.” 
~ Yasmine Atallah ~ ILYM Coach, UAE

“I am so excited to share with you the feedback I just received from one of my case study clients. I feel so blessed to have been able to facilitate her to feel such a shift. It’s so wonderful to be able to see the power of ILYM and to be part of this beautiful team spreading the message of self-love.”
~ Lianne Price – Teacher, UK

“This session was so incredibly beautiful it took me to a deeper place within me than I thought possible. I do not think Lianne could have done anything differently that would have improved the session it was divinely perfect – I really just want to commend and express my gratitude for the fact that she adapted so beautifully to my needs, this is something I have never felt from another woman (one of the client’s main issues was relationship problems with other women) and I feel this in its self was transformative. ​I was able to access and speak about something I had never been able to in my life – A deep embarrassment I have for being me and being alive. It was such a powerful session. Genuinely incredible and life changing.”

“I felt disconnected from who I am and what I want. It was causing me a lot of pain. Since the training, my life has shifted 360 degrees. I feel content, I feel deserving, I feel loved. I managed to release a lot of limiting beliefs, a lot of old patterns. I achieve my goals with ease and flow. This practitioner trainings one of the greatest investments you can make.”
~ Laura Matuikaite – Vlogger and Self Love Coach, Lithuania