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A Career Built On Transforming Lives For The Better

How many lives do you long to change for the better, with rapid results that actually last?

Become a living example that unconditional love is achievable, and support those in your community to create a life where anything is possible and achievable.

“I Love You, Me” is a method that truly empowers every individual to help themselves while having you at their side to support and guide.

"I Love You, Me"
Self Love Coach Training Program Overview

Our self love practitioners learn, apply and teach self love techniques using the transformational “I Love You, Me” method.

Upon completion of your training, you have the opportunity to become a certified self-love coach with the Live in Light Academy, making a career through teaching the process of self-discovery to others.

You will become a way-shower and a pioneer for the universal truth of love.

Want to play a role in helping others thrive? The journey starts with you.

Why Become An "I Love You, Me"
Certified Self-Love Coach

The $11.6 billion coaching industry continues to boom, with self-love becoming one of the fastest-growing personal and spiritual development trends. And for good reason.

The world is in a state of grief. We have become disconnected from who we truly are. Our relationships are suffering, our sense of self is fractured, and we have forgotten how to love, deeply and with our full hearts.

Most of us do not know how to love ourselves.

This is your call back to love, it is your pathway home to who you are. You are needed here.

When you become an "I Love You, Me" Self-Love Coach you:

"I Love You, Me" is the missing peace you have been searching for. Can you feel it?
This is your invitation to live it.

Trainee Testimonials

I experienced soul loss due to abuse at the tender age of 3 and suffered from asthma as a result. At age34, I was going through a full-on depression and just couldn’t shake it off for 3 long, very painful years. All this suffering, until I moved to London and came across the I Love You Me method facilitated by Tara herself in November of 2017 and what wasn’t shifting in all those years, shifted in 3 days, at age 37. I was healed by the I Love You Me method from 34yrs of chronic and acute asthma and I believe that if it is possible for me to heal, through a consciousness shifting process then it is possible for clients as well. It’s about harmonizing the disharmony. I never looked back. I learned the I Love You Me method and now allow others to experience the deep inner healing. When I was down on love and confidence I leaned on Tara’s temporarily, until I could find my own back again. Now that I have, I let my clients lean on mine, hold their hand and walk them through their dark frightening inner caves. Almost like a guide who feels my way around these caves, but never in the process allowing my clients to give their power away, not even to me.
The only way out in through.

~ Michelle 

“Tara Love, I have just completed the online training and I love it – I had tears in my eyes towards the end as I have learned so much from the videos – even more than I was present there live during the training. Learning again made me realize certain gaps within my practice and reinforced certain other points which are working out so well. 

Thank you for being such an authentic, genuine and real teacher that you are and thank you for sharing all of this with all of us and the rest of the world. Really grateful to be part of the self love transformation journey and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you.” 
~ Yasmine Atallah ~ ILYM Coach, UAE

Group testimonials from:
Abi Flynn, Singer, Songwriter, Brighton, UK.
Lucie Bastlova, Raw and wild food expert, free diver, Prague.
George Prow, Musician, healer, London, UK.
Tessa , Psycotherapist, London, UK.
Eluna Norris, Painter and numerologist, Brighton, UK.

​”It’s taken me into so many places I couldn’t get to myself…Anything else you want in your life you’ll get by doing this process. It really is such a great way to achieve whatever you want to achieve.” 
~ Abi Flynn – Singer, songwriter, UK.

“I am so excited to share with you the feedback I just received from one of my case study clients. I feel so blessed to have been able to facilitate her to feel such a shift. It’s so wonderful to be able to see the power of ILYM and to be part of this beautiful team spreading the message of self-love.”
~ Lianne Price – Teacher, UK

“This session was so incredibly beautiful it took me to a deeper place within me than I thought possible. I do not think Lianne could have done anything differently that would have improved the session it was divinely perfect – I really just want to commend and express my gratitude for the fact that she adapted so beautifully to my needs, this is something I have never felt from another woman (one of the client’s main issues was relationship problems with other women) and I feel this in its self was transformative. ​I was able to access and speak about something I had never been able to in my life – A deep embarrassment I have for being me and being alive. It was such a powerful session. Genuinely incredible and life changing.”


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