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“I have been using the 7 steps and have been finding them very helpful. My psychotherapist acknowledged how massively far forward I had moved following your course and thinks that it may now be time to draw our work to a close – Yippee! What you have put together is very profound and really works.

Jacquee Davies

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Tara Love Perry’s ‘I love you, Me’ method was the most profound inner process I have ever experienced…In my opinion, the most needed healing work on the planet is learning to love our wounded inner child who is the key to our joy & creativity in life. I love you, Me, is a fast-track method for learning to nurture and protect your inner child, which will make a profound difference in the quality of your life

Des Coroy

Author - USA

Abi'S Story - Terminal Cancer

Beyond Death, Life: My Miracle Self-Love Healing Journey from Dying to Living the Dream

It was 2016, a hot and vibrant August in the beach city of Brighton, England. I was 26, a full-time professional singer performing up to 8 times a week all over the country. I had a singing career, a wealth of friends and was seen by most as a bubbly, fun character. 

I was also dying. But I didn’t know it yet.  steps of transformational self-love will be very different to anything you have experienced up until now, even if the idea isn’t new to you. Are you ready to be lead in the dance of deep, absolute, empowering Self-Love; The kind of Self-Love that will revolutionise your life, be a game-changer in your relationships with others, and evolve your consciousness to the next level, simultaneously?

Despite my sunny persona and energetic stage presence, on the inside I felt desperately empty, void of any sense of ‘self’. It had been creeping up on me for years, for a long time my life outside music had been utterly toxic and chaotic, filled with failed relationships, heartbreak, dishonesty and despair. Also, I had been experiencing a painful identity crisis upon stepping off stage. If I wasn’t singing, I didn’t seem to know who I was, or what I was worth I had, if any. My belief was my worth was based on what others thought of me, I had never once thought to check in with myself, my body, my mind. There seemed to be a ‘darkness’ residing within me that was so big, so monstrous that I daren’t go near it, so I remained safely on the outside. Life wasn’t working, and I had no idea what to do about it, so I just kept singing, and squashing down the rest. August is filled with celebration in Brighton, height of the Summer,  tourists flocking in to enjoy the sea and diverse culture of the city. My job was to entertain them. I remember singing on the beach in the hot sunshine, surrounded by drunken party goers. With my usual fixed grin and lively persona, I was midway through belting out Bruno Mars’s ‘Locked out of Heaven’ when a sharp pang of pain burst through the right side of my chest, knocking me sideways. Being the professional I am, I carried on, received my praise and finished for the day. But later into that evening, I was doubled over in agonising chest pain and shortness of breath.  

This was the beginning of the end. My body had been in pain for long enough, and was now screaming at me to LISTEN. And with trepidation I took a look at my self in the mirror. I could see I did not look right. It was then that sat down and thought about me.
One thing came to my mind; ‘I do not love myself, and it’s going to kill me’.
2 months later, following countless painful hospital procedures and tests, I was diagnosed with an 11cm tumour in my chest, a result of a blood cancer called ‘Hodgkin’s Lymphoma’. NOT what you expect at 26 years old, and the news floored me, yet I had the strangest sense that something, which I could not yet understand was at play. Quickly I was rushed into a chemotherapy regime, assured that it would definitely cure this disease, yet something didn’t feel quite right. But I wanted to get better.  Still, with my desperate lack of self empowerment and numbing state of fear, all I could do was follow doctors’ orders, and so I did. Chemo helps right?

Months into chemotherapy, the unthinkable happened. The cancer was growing! Chemo wasn’t working. The Doctors switched me to an even more intensive chemotherapy regime. My odds of survival dwindling and so I carried on poisoning myself against the will of my one heart, and I carried on becoming closer and closer to death.

By January 2018, I was a pale, skeletal shadow of my former self, chemotherapy had been slowly killing me, my now 21cm tumour ravaging what was left, and one day, I received a phone call informing me that I may not live another month. They would try radiotherapy as a last shot of shrinking the tumour, if I could live long enough to have it, but it didn’t look good, and I would need a LOT more treatment to stay alive even if radio did help.

Something broke in me that day. All the time I was ill I’d had this ‘feeling’, which I was now recognising as a message to say ‘Your healing will be a Miracle healing, once you allow yourself to believe and go your own way’. Despite this growing intuition, I simply could not face the idea that I could be responsible for healing myself. It was just so much easier to believe that the doctors had all the answers – Besides what did ‘miracle healing’ even mean? It just didn’t feel safe enough, I did not believe it

But I knew I could not ignore my own sense any longer. So, I began to explore this idea of self-healing, meeting many others who were on the self-healing path, and in March of that year that year, having pulled through just long enough to endure radiotherapy and now having exhausted all medical options, I attended a ‘self-love immersion’ weekend event held by Tara Love Perry called ‘I Love You Me’ which claimed to help people create true life-changing transformation through self-love. Something about it felt perfect, and so in my last plea to find my miracle healing, I went along.

What happened to me at that event is almost indescribable. I was guided into my body in a simple yet profound practise, and encouraged to speak with my inner self. For the first time ever, I opened up a dialogue with all of those hurting parts of me, and I felt relief whoosh through my body as so much sorrow and pain that I had been holding onto for so long was finally able to be seen and nurtured and embraced by me. Something changed in me that day, something profound and I began to be my own healer, my own guide, as I drenched every perceived ‘dark’ part of me in love, forgiveness, gratitude, and welcomed those parts back home to me.

Writing this it seems funny to say, I knew that this was my path of healing. I wanted to know more and I signed up to train with Tara as a self-love coach. What was to follow quite a journey, and it took me into all of the most uncomfortable places. Places I could never have dared to go before, into my harboured guilt, shame, anger, fear-emotions I didn’t even know were trapped in me! But I had never felt so much love, so much acceptance and peace in my life. It was truly was life-changing. 

Within 4 months, after many mind-bending experiences which reshaped the way, I saw the world and myself, the impossible happened. The miracle revealed itself, and I received a clear scan. Being a blood cancer, I was strongly advised to endure more grueling treatment else it would ‘definitely return’, but I had seen far too much by this point, and I knew that only following my own intuition could save me, and so I carried on this path of self-healing, slowly becoming more infused with LIFE and further from death or fear than I had ever felt. In this time, not only did I reclaim my health, but my entire life begun to transform before my eyes. I found the most amazing producer for my music and begun to put together an album of songs I had written throughout my journey, taking my career to heights it had never seen before, I manifested collaborations with famous artists, I met the love of my life, I moved into my dream house, the miracles were endless! 

It has been 6 months now since my second clear scan which revealed that even the left-over dead tumour had continued to shrink, still with no treatment at all, just love. In that time, my partner and I have trained as self-love coaches together and begun to help others. Just 5 months into our relationship, we have now found out I am 3 months pregnant despite being told I would never conceive or be fertile again due to all of the chemotherapy. 

Now, at 29, I find myself living in a beautiful home with my new partner, expecting our first child, my career about to explode with opportunity and world travel, and feeling healthier than ever since walking away from the hospital and not looking back, and it doesn’t stop there – I have BIG plans for the future. I want others to know by reading this story just what is possible when you dare to go into those scary places and access the beauty and power that you really do have inside. I have learnt that it is precisely in that darkness that we find the light, and then, ANYTHING become possible.

Love Abi x

Anne-Marie Wickham

Tara, I cannot believe what you did for me. I’m so grateful. You are an ANGEL… and I don’t say that lightly. What an awesome transformational weekend…I’m not ashamed to share I have cried unashamedly and had the most powerful breakthroughs this weekend. I am emotionally shattered, beautiful cleansed and totally transformed. What an awesome journey, and beautiful friends made along the way. Thank you so much Tara Love Perry, what you gave to each of this weekend is beyond priceless. You are a beautiful, magical person, and I thank you for the ‘gifts’ you gave me… that always existed inside me, and will now exist and expand for evermore.

Lucie Bastlova

This technique has brought me an amazing tool to process anything in my life that I perceive as painful, not in harmony, annoying, inappropriate….and that I realised I can talk directly to myself and heal myself… Changes in relationship to my daughter and husband, changes in perception of the world and myself… It is the simplest and extremely powerful technique I know… But I have to say that for many who need more complications it will be almost TOO SIMPLE. Many people want to dig deep into the intricacies of the “story” and need to find out why, what conditioning which past life…. If they are not sensitive enough to realise the immediate energetic change, it will be just too easy to believe in.

Bradley's Story - IBS & Auto-immune disease

If someone had told me this time last year that I would be living in my stunningly beautiful home with an amazing, powerful woman on the same journey as me, about to become a father, healed from a long-term illness without any medical intervention, trained as a self-love coach, about to release a TEDx Talk, performed a stand-up comedy gig to over 100 people, bought my first car, and started embarking on a new career path, all within 12 months, there’s no way I would have believed it was possible.

But that’s what has happened. It’s been an amazing, incredible year. I’m sat here today feeling unbelievably grateful.

In July last year I met an amazing woman called Tara Love Perry and that meeting changed my life. I had done so much work on myself; therapies, transformational programmes, NLP, Men’s work. I’d tried literally everything to create a shift in my life, but it seemed like I was pushing against an invisible wall. I came to realise that this invisible wall was how I felt about myself.

The moment I started applying the I Love You Me method everything started to change. That invisible wall is being taken down brick by brick and what has happened as a result has been nothing short of a miracle. These days I literally expect miracles to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, emotionally this has been the most challenging year of my life, and despite the amazing things that have unfolded there have been days and weeks where I’ve wanted out. I literally didn’t want to be here anymore.

You see I had over 30 years’ worth of repressed emotions that were living inside of me. I’d lived my entire life in my head and as soon as I moved into my body all of these feelings revealed themselves. There has been nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, I’ve had to feel it all, to go through it all. It’s been tough, to say the least, but I really feel like I’ve learned how to be in discomfort for the first time in my life.

We readily accept “positive” feelings of happiness, elation etc… but as soon as we are confronted by feeling of sorrow, grief, anger etc. we say to ourselves “I shouldn’t feel like this” and push them away. What we don’t realise is when we do this, we are literally telling the little child within us, who first had these feeling and the experiences that triggered them, that they are not valid, and we push them away.

How do you imagine that little child feels? It’s that little child that speaks to us in every moment that we don’t feel good enough, or loveable. What if you were able to hold that child in those moments of grief, sadness and despair. What if you could hold them in unconditional love and allow these feelings to be?

This is the process that I’ve been going through in the past 12 months, and everything that has come has been a direct result. Self-love isn’t a destination, it’s a process. I’m still blocked in some areas, but I’m working at it, I’m aware, open and willing. That’s all we ever can be

Caroline palmy

We can sure all do with I love you me. I can highly recommend working with Tara. Tara has this amazing gift, of knowing just what to say, and where your pain might be. I loved being part of her amazing weekly journey, healing profoundly on a deep level, though it felt always very light. Touching our pain deep within takes a gifted teacher, and Tara is one of them. She will gently guide you towards your very own healing with her lovely special technique. Dive into a healing experience, to connect deeply with your true essence. I love working with Tara, and I love how much  I have come to acknowledge myself. Warm hugs

Caroline Palmy

Heart Flow Healer

Erika Indra tesimonial

I am still flying from my last experience of Tara’s magic. It’s life changing, lasting effect brought healing in ways I never imagined. I wish I could be there for another dose. I hope there will be a next time!

ASh's Story - Trauma, Depression & Bladder Problems

Before I discovered “I love you me” my life was in a terrible state. I suffered from depression, anxiety and stress. I was always mentally and physically drained. I had a bladder problem for 20 years which meant I was in pain all the time. It felt like I had so much emotional turmoil inside of me. I had problems at work never progressing. I had a terrible social life and very bad relationships with my family. I was very lonely, bitter and angry as a result of childhood trauma which was then affecting every area of my life.

When I learned “I love you me” I was so surprised as I was using “I love you me” to release childhood trauma I had been carrying inside of me for years. I actually felt the trauma, negativity and blockages leaving my body. I instantly felt lighter and so much better mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also felt so much of the pain in my bladder release and disappear.

Since then, I have been using “I love you me” in every area of my life from mental health to physical health, from relationships to financial matters. I have discovered things about myself I never knew. I have realised events in my life which I never knew affected me were causing problems in my life like financial problems when I was a child stopping me progressing at work or financially.

“I love you me” has transformed my life. My depression, stress and anxiety has gone. I no longer have bladder problems. I am full of energy and do all the things I always wanted to do. My relationships with my family are now amazing. My career and finances have improved dramatically. I also now love myself unconditionally and I am so much happier for it. I now see I was my own worst enemy but now I am my Best Friend. I have healed more in 1 session of “I love you me” then I did in 10 years of therapy.
What I have learned from Tara is that it all starts from self-love and it all ends with self-love. What happens in the middle is up to You.

Michelle Fernandes

I had been suffering from asthma for around 34yrs. Even as a kid I used to feel very unwanted in my family. Having to deal with a narcissistic mother, and an un-attuned, unrealistic father. I love my parents but I stopped loving myself along the way. Taking steroids to survive was my normal. Life felt like a punishment. I had tried all sorts of medication from allopathy, Ayurveda, and homeopathy.  But never had I paid attention to what was going on, on the inside, until Tara drew my attention to it. She cracked me open during a three-day event with her ongoing insights and put me together differently. I healed the asthma and have never got an asthma attack since. The effect was so profound that I wanted to learn from Tara first hand. So, I did the practitioner training with her and and am currently helping people heal while still learning further…

Michelle Fernandes

ILYM Self Love Coach - UK